✪ a sky streaked

Bye bye, kitty. <3 ilu.

My voice teacher's cat Yoma died today. She was twelve years old, suffering from Leukemia, and present at almost every single voice lesson I've ever had, ever. We've taken care of her at our house and her house when Heidi's been out of town. She was so sweet. But she was in pain, and she passed well.

So, um, yeah. ♥

Also. Like nine days until my eurotrip or something? I'm PACKING, for goodness' sake!
✪ a sky streaked

RP tiem.

Because someone thought it'd be a cool idea.

rp post.
any character, any way, any time, any place.
any doubles, any format, any rating.

this post will always be public.
just throw your kiddies at people!